Culture Race and Media

Are you interested in developing deeper understanding of the values, beliefs, behaviors, and perspectives of those different from you . . . as well as your own?

If you are interested in asking probing questions about what you are watching, reading, listening to and creating then Culture, Race and Media is the intellectual meeting place and safe community you need to develop and grow as an ethical media maker.

Culture Race and Media is a transdisciplinary, interactive media analysis course designed for students of all majors – including Television, Film/Video, Marketing/Communications, Journalism, Game Design, Music, Radio, Photography, Cultural Studies, AEMM, Fine Arts and those seeking US Pluralism credit.

Culture, Race and Media is where you will discover your own personal engagement with media and diversity through development of critical media literacy and cultural literacy.

Culture Race and Media is Active Participation – Self-Expression – Creative Processing – Critical Thinking – Encouragement of Multiple Perspectives – Community-Building -- Life-Changing!