Culture Race and Media

Are you interested in developing deeper understanding of the values, beliefs, behaviors, and perspectives of those different from you . . . as well as your own?

If you are interested in questioning the media in your hand, on your screens and pervasively surrounding you - Culture, Race and Media is the intellectual meeting place to develop your media literacy and critical thinking skills. 

 Culture Race and Media is a transdisciplinary, interactive media analysis and cultural literacy course designed for students of all majors - especially potential Media Makers - and those seeking US Pluralism credit. 

 Culture, Race and Media is where you will examine your personal ethical responsibility through critical media analysis, collaborative processing and cultural examples and activities. 

 Culture Race and Media is Active Participation - Web-based Assignments - Self-Expression - Cultural/Media Analysis - Creative Engagement - Critical Thinking - Community-Building - Pop Culture/Media Paradigms - Supportive Multiple Perspectives - - Life-Changing!